Tan Doan


For nearly a decade, I've built webapps as the sole engineer, team lead, or member of a small team.

My passion has evolved from grinding out code to designing and building robust systems, as well as trying to put processes in place to bake quality in. I've mentored juniors, lead code reviews, implemented TDD, BDD, and CI.

I took a sabbatical in 2013 to travel the world, rock climb in some unique locations, and connect with entrepreneurs in different countries. I returned with a different perspective and the desire to pursue exciting opportunities anywhere they are available.

Senior Software Engineer - Content Control Plane
Netflix, Los Gatos, CA
March 2014 - Current
  • Build new features for and maintain Open Connect Portal
  • Build and maintain various applications related to the Open Connect team
Senior Engineer
InHouseUSA, Huntington Beach, CA
April 2009 - January 2013
  • Led a quality improvement effort utilizing TDD (PHPUnit), BDD (Cucumber, Behat), CI (Bamboo), automation of user acceptance testing (Selenium, Watir, Mink) and code reviews
  • Worked with team to build a SaaS application (LAMP stack) to help lenders manage the appraisal process
  • Implemented InHouse's Connexions API for client integration
  • Implemented services to send and receive data to/from Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac through UCDP API
  • Mentored junior developers
  • Maintained servers
  • DBA (Postgresql)
  • Simplified change management and code pushes (Capistrano, ANT, custom bash scripts)
Front-End Engineer
InternetBrands, El Segundo, CA
August 2012
  • Worked with team to develop www.vbulletin.com
  • Created and styled CMS content pages in Magento (PHP, HTML, CSS, JS)
Web Developer
InternetBrands, El Segundo, CA
April 2007 - April 2009
  • Worked with team to develop and maintain loan.com, loanapp.com, epodunk.com, internetbrands.com, realestateabc.com/home-values, and others (PHP, JQuery, MooTools)
  • Wrote and troubleshot complex Oracle queries for business reports
  • Developed widgets (JS)
  • Wrote web services and libraries for various uses on IB websites
  • Debugged and fixed cross-browser CSS/JS issues
  • Basic Apache and Linux administration
  • Worked on a project that indexed IB content and served up related content (Lucene, Nutch, Sphinx, JS)
Full Stack Engineer
In House Appraisals, Huntington Beach, CA
April 2005 - April 2007
  • Solely responsible for design and development of an ajax php/mysql customer/order/payroll management application for the business
  • Planned and deployed backup strategies for MySQL, Postgresql, Apache, and Wintotal Servers
  • Managed IT, including hardware, software, and customer support
  • Responsible for all internal IT support and maintenance, company wide
Other Skills
Titanium SDK
Marmalade SDK
  • BS Computer Science University of Texas at Austin 2004
  • Wilderness First Responder 2010